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Where to begin? It can seem like a daunting task setting up a website for your business or organisation; there is a lot to think about, but this shouldn't be a job that you put off until tomorrow!

Getting your first presence on the World Wide Web is a relatively simple process and needn't cost you the earth.

The majority of projects undertaken by Webstable are of a bespoke nature and each client often has their own special set of needs or requirements. Below are 3 different web-packages to give you an idea of the cost of your web-project.

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From £89

A single web page: simple, low-cost contact or how-to-find-us page

hermit crabSomething to get you started and your foot in the Internet doorway! All you need to establish an Internet presence, in addition to a single mobile friendly webpage, this package includes hosting, a domain name and basic SEO setup to help you promote your website.

  • Set-up of single web-page based on your design (+ £50 for page design service)
  • Purchase of a .co.uk domain name for 1 year (subject to availability)
  • Hosting for 1 year
  • Access to web-statistics
  • 3 e-mail aliases (forwarded to your email account)

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From £349

A small website with portfolio, services or gallery. Includes domain name and hosting for 1 year.

lobsterYou might already have a small website and want to take it to the next level or just add more pages. This package provides a small, mobile-friendly, menu driven website. It includes a domain name, hosting and basic SEO advice to help you promote your website.

  • Set-up of up to 10 web-pages based on your design (+ £150 for page design)
  • Purchase of 1 domain names ( .co.uk or .com)
  • Hosting for 1 years
  • Monthly website backup
  • Basic SEO advice and setup
  • Website statistics
  • 3 e-mail POP account
  • 3 e-mail aliases

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From £849

A sophisticated CMS-driven system, with domain name and hosting

Grow your business with a content management systemThis type of package is recommended for larger organisations, clubs and charities. This system will allow you, the client, to add an unlimited number of additional pages and be able to update existing pages.

  • Set-up of up to 12 web-pages using the Joomla! Content management system
  • Purchase of 2.co.uk or .com domain names for 1 year
  • Hosting (for 1 years)
  • Monthly backup and software updates (for 1 year)
  • Basic SEO setup and 3 website usage reports
  • Access to website visitor statistics
  • 5 e-mail POP account
  • 5 e-mail aliases

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